Left click to select
Right click to give orders
WASD or Arrows to drive car
Space to zoom in / out

You can also now move your whole group by right-clicking when nothing is selected. It should make things easier. Hold Shift to attack-move when doing that.

Game Details

Zombies are everywhere. Your only hope for survival is to keep moving and loot buildings for supplies. How long will you last?

Manage your crew, upgrade your car and drive into hordes of zombies. Will you leave everyone behind on a solo mission or take the risk to run out of food and help everyone you can? It is your choice.

Also, you can now fit 6 people in a car, instead of 4 as stated during the game.

Music by Rottenbeard:
Programming by Louissi
Art by Hubert Lapointe

Date Added: 2017-04-15

Category: Zombies

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