Nikki Neigh and Tricky Trey

Nikki Neigh and Tricky Trey



Arrow keys to move.
Press Z or UP to jump.
Press SPACE to switch characters.
Press X to attack.

Nikki fires Magic Bolts when you press X.
Trey does a Dashing Grab if he's on the ground, or a Jumpkick if he's in the air.

Game Details

Nikki Neigh and Tricky Trey have to combine their unique skills to blast and pummel their way past an endless horde of robots in a quest to recover the town's stolen candy (and then sell it to Happy Bear for powerups).

It's platforming, brawling, and shooting action with two characters. Use Nikki's homing bolts or Trey's throws and jumpkicks to beat down the robots and solve puzzles on your way to the top of the evil fortress.

Date Added: 2017-04-18

Category: Action

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